Andrew Berman Architect is a New York City-based practice focused on the realization of unique and finely executed buildings and public spaces. Since 1995 the practice has worked on a wide range of project types and scales for diverse clients; public, institutional, and private. Each commission is approached on its own unique terms through an intense engagement with user and site, drawing on the practice’s broad range of experiences in design and construction. Andrew Berman and a team of architects have worked collaboratively from conceptual design through construction to ensure the design intent is completely realized through the constructed work on each of our institutional projects.


Andrew Berman Architect’s work is defined by unique spaces and structures designed to resolve complex programs and sites. Each project is inextricably of its place. Each project speaks of its client, their culture, and programmatic needs. The building’s construction is intrinsic to its meaning and presence, as well as its practical resolution. Materials are invested with purpose. They come alive in the light, and gain character over time through use and weathering.



Zachary Hinchliffe, Alexander McLean, Dan Misri, Vinci So, Caterina Mantegazza, Harrison Moser, Tammy Teng, Hong Bae Yang, Gogo Zhu





Peter Aaron, Gregory Goode, Adriá Goula, Naho Kubota, David Leventi, Michael Moran, Patrick Rytinkangas, Victoria Samunaris, Catherine Tighe, Elizabeth Felicella





American Institute of Architects
Art International Radio
Friends of the Highline
Lower East Side Ecology Center
MCC Theater
Museum of Modern Art
New York City Fire Department
New York Public Library
New York University
Opera America
Ena Swansea
The City of New York
The Wooster Group
Wagner College
What’s the Score Johnny?
The Architectural League
Planthouse Gallery
Wave Hill
Telsey + Company
The Vatican
Skokie Public Library
Princeton University
University at Buffalo
Montclair Public Library
Princeton Public Library


Daniel and Pernilla Ammann
Barry X Ball
David Berliner and Betsy Jacobs
Mary and Jorge Calderon
Merry Conway and Fred Cosandey
Sara Driver and Jim Jarmusch
Fabrizio Ferri
Chris and Lisa J Goode
Lisa Kaye
Maria Simpson and Michael Kimmelman
Elizabeth LeCompte
Lawrence Markey
Anne Marino and Bernard Telsey
Katie Michel
S.I. and Victoria Newhouse
Jon Cohen and Julia Pershan
Anne Sherwood and Jeff Pundyk
Tom and Clay Tarica
Jim Tarica
Timothy White
Adam Schlesinger
Peter Merelis
Verena Wiesendanger


AIA New York Design Merit Award, 2021 (Van Cortlandt Branch Library)

AIA New Jersey Design Merit Award, 2020 (Princeton Public Library)

AIA Brooklyn + Queens Design Awards, 2018 (Sculpture Studio)

AIA/ALA National Library Building Award, 2017 (Stapleton Library)

East End Design Awards - Art Space in a Residence, 2017 (North Fork Painting Studio)

AIA New York Design Award, 2017 (SculptureCenter)

AIA New York Design Award, 2017 (Re-Envisioning Branch Libraries Design Study)

Arts and Letters Award in Architecture, American Academy of Arts and Letters, 2016

AIA NYS Design Excellence Award, 2015 (SculptureCenter)

Wood Design Awards, 2015 (Stapleton Library)

IALD Lighting Design Award, 2015 (Stapleton Library)

NYPL Neighborhood Library Award, 2014 (Stapleton Library)

Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award, 2014 (SculptureCenter)

Residential Architect Design Award, 2014 (Larchmont House)

AIA College of Fellows, Andrew D. Berman FAIA, 2014

Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award, 2013 (Stapleton Library)

AIA New York Design Excellence Award, 2013 (The National Opera Center)

AIA New York Merit Award, 2012 (MoMA PS1 Entrance Building)

Emerging Voices Award, Architectural League of New York, 2009

Design Excellence Award, Queens Chamber of Commerce, 2009 (Engine Company 259 Firehouse)

AIA New York Chapter Design Excellence Award, 2008 (Writing Studio, Stapleton Library, Center for Architecture)

AIA New York State Award of Merit, 2008 (Grand Street Residence, Stapleton Library, Center for Architecture)

Second Prize, New York New Housing Competition, 2004 (New Housing New York)

AIA New York Design Excellence Award, 2003 (Whitespace Studios)

First Prize, AIA New York Headquarters Competition, 2000 (Center for Architecture)

AIA New York Interiors Citation, 1997 (Industria Superstudio)

Selected Publications

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